Mt. Hannah Resource Centre

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The Mt. Hannah Resource Centre, since its inception, has been persistent in its mission to empower the youth through education. In realizing its mission to empower the youth through education, (Your 6]\Attitude Determines Your Altitude), the Board of Directors has embarked on a yearly summer program engaging children between the ages of six (6) to twelve (12) years old. These are children of neighboring communities, with the majority attending the two primary schools in the community – the Mt. Hannah Primary School and the Maryland All Age School. This summer program has been tremendous in fostering a bond between the children of both institutions and also creating a learning environment facilitating learning through diverse means. The mission of the Mt. Hannah Resource Centre is to provide a learning and entertainment environment for the citizens of Mt. Hannah and its adjoining communities. Our learning environment incorporates a library and computer centre while the entertainment we provide is done through the usage of our expanded playing field which accommodates multiple sporting activities. The objectives of the Mt. Hannah Resource Centre are: • Create employment opportunity • Train individuals to be employable • Create an area for recreation • Create a facility for community functions such as weddings, graduations, concerts, etc • Encourage the maximum use of the library by everyone especially the students • Have 100% literacy in the community both in computer and reading • Have the community to own and be fully responsible for maintaining the facility • Increase access to the Internet • All these objectives are in keeping with our motto – “Your Aptitude Determines Your Altitude”.


Items needed include: gently-used library books, computer equipment, and sporting supplies and equipment for the sports facility. We have made significant progress with the project. We are please to say the center has been operational for 6 years. One parent said her child never wanted to be late and she wished the program was expanded. At the completion of the program, the children were given certificates, a case with pencil pen and ruler. With your help, we can expand on it next year.